i don't like people, but you might be an exception.

i like a lot of fandoms, and i don't have photoshop skills, but i post what i like. don't have high expectations of me.
l♥ve list
wwe, tna, harry potter, degrassi, final fantasy, naruto, code lyoko, anime in general, once upon a time, pretty little liars, doctor who, ghost whisperer, etc.

Diva Rainbows ; Kelly Kelly

I Ship It ; Aeris Gainsborough x Zack Fair

I Ship It ; Tifa Lockheart x Cloud Strife

Diva Rainbows ; Mickie James

I Ship It ; Kelly Kelly x CM Punk

I Ship It ; Candice Michelle x Jeff Hardy

Diva Rainbows ; Rosa Mendes

I Ship It ; Tenten x Neji Hyuuga

I Ship It ; Ino Yamanaka x Shikamaru Nara

Diva Rainbows ; The Bella Twins : Nikki & Brie